Vikings – Ragnar’s Hallucination Of Athelstan, Odin And Jesus

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Ragnar’s hallucination of Athesltan, Odin and Jesus


Written by Wayne

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  1. ok, In the show the Norse gods are shown to exist in some form. So bear with that in mind. The Christan god on the other hand is only really shown as light except in this vision Ragnar had. It is also hinted that the roman gods allowed them to conquer the world in season 2 and the king was hinting that what choices men make makes all the difference not their faith. In episode 1 season 1 Ragnar said to his son "odin gave his eye for knowledge but i will give allot more." Hes keeping this promise hes willing to even forsake the very god who favors him for knowledge.

    Heres another theory Lets say all the gods exist in another dimensions. Some are cruel some are great and lovable and when the human dies they get to see this other dimension but only the one they got connected to in life. So what happens if you connect to more then one? Ragnar touched two now. Before he died athesltan went back to Christ but he did touch the other dimension of the Norse gods as well so what does that mean. this is just speculation and ideas but maybe just maybe the two dimension for a brief moment came into contact with each other thanks to this and the two gods looked at each other and said this one is mine leave him alone.

  2. This is what my interpretation of this hallucination is: When Ragnar reaches his hand out to Athelstan, this symbolizes his desire to go with him and his new faith. Suddenly It is interrupted by the image of the god Odin, this symbolizes the division between Ragnar's two faiths and how his old faith is holding him back. Then Ragnar finds himself bleeding and lays on a pool of blood, as he lays he curls up like a baby would by wrapping his arms around his legs. Then Athelstan retreats and there is a small light behind him, this symbolizes the distance between Ragnar and the new faith due to the fact he had not fully embraced it yet and because his old faith was holding him back. Suddenly a creature approaches and then another Ragnar stands up and stares at the other Ragnar. I am not sure what the creature symbolizes, but the Ragnar that stood represents the old Ragnar who believed in Odin and his faith, while the Ragnar that lays in the pool of blood represents the new Ragnar who has changed and is adopting the new faith. This is why he curls up like a baby, because he is reborn. the pool of blood symbolizes Odin's desire for the new Ragnar to die and the circle of fire symbolizes no escape and the desire of Odin for Ragnar to remain in his circle. In small words, the whole clip is about Ragnar desiring to be with Athelstan by adopting the new faith, but his old faith holds him back and Odin wants to keep him pinned down.

    • The demon that is the Idol called “odin”…his knees will bend, and his tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. Every knee will bow
      And every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.

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