Vision-Dec 20, New World Order, Baby Jesus

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Nelson Mandela, June, antichrist, Santa,

Written by Wayne

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  1. Before your video, I was given the same understanding re Mandela 6/6/2013=666…I'm not really too sure of the meaning though because his family confirmed 6/26/2013.  God bless you.

  2. Your videos are ridiculous. I like how you come up with your own interpretation. In a vision I had – the LORD gave me the interpretation while reading scriptures 5 yrs later. But you seem to figure everything out so quickly…lol. Here's a verse for you Ezekiel 13:8 because you have spoken empty, false, and delusive words and have seen lies, therefore behold, I am against you, says the Lord God. 9 ….who give lying prophecies..

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