Vision from Jesus – Death or Sarah Palin??

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Saw a skeleton coming out from the ground, wearing glasses and having a fluff of hair over his left side of his forehead, but then I saw the letter C.
WHAT IS IT?? Could it be CHINA? Could C be for Christ? Could it be the AntiChrist? I don’t know!
Help if you can, please add your comments below. God bless you all!

Written by Wayne

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  1. I thought of the Daniel 12 resurrection.  Maybe this skeleton is one of the people who pierced Christ.  The bible said they would be raised to see him when he comes.  They are the ones who will be raised unto corruption.

  2. No clue; however, as for Kim Jung Un: Russia will deceive N Korea into attacking America, but will not back them as promised. But when China goes to war with America Russia will attack as promised. Alaska, Florida, Minnesota breach.

  3. Only God knows Sarah Palins heart….But she has said she is a spirit filled believer. Many of those who knew her before her popularity as well as those after she became in the political fore front, said she is a devout Christian and dedicated to her faith. There were a few pictures where she was seen praying before her speeches. The news media and liberals attempted to destroy her for her strong stance against immorality and her faith saying she was a biggot and a racist. I am not saying you are wrong, but hoping this is not her. Many Blessings!!!!


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