Vision from Jesus, He’s down! Donald Trump may soon be shot!

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11-29-16: I Have Had A 2nd Vision Of Donald Trump -End Time Prophecy, from Minister Paul, Subscribe to him.

May 2016, Possible future for Trump Clinton

May 27, From Jesus, Trump death? Berenstein, 2 Suns

May 16, New interpretation of Owl and Bullet, Vision

The Clintons, We need to pray!!
(Clintons door mat at the White House)

Written by Wayne

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  1. Trump is president ELECT. Bill Clinton & Obama have an iron grip on America. Everyone, please understand that judgment has been set for America, she will prosper no more. Pray for Trump's protection & pray that he come to the LORD… even as Salvation is coming on Kenya West.

Open vision from Jesus Christ Revelation 14, 14

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