Vision From Jesus Regarding Rapture

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This is a rough (very rough) schematic drawing of the vision the Lord gave me and what it meant in regards to the rapture of the Bride of Christ. The Lord has also asked us to deliver a message to the Body of Christ which can be found at Thank you and God Bless. We hope to see you in Heaven soon!

Written by Wayne

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  1. I am a dreamer of dreams and phophesy i saw a vision of a big black bear and a lion they both we're angry. They began to fight. I the asked god what the lion represents and i was told Satan. In my dream a woman was dressed in all black and had a black vail. She was very angry. One moment i was afraid and felt someone touch me. I was taken and so was others raptured by angels. The people the lion and bear left in the dream. It was horrible. And the next i knew nothing. I was lead into green pasture. Gods message as woke up to the church is that he going to protect us. Don't be afraid. Asked about family friends everyone. this man said. This way there all safe. I drew something like this but people accuse me falsely. And thank you miss this is the answer i been looking for. I been trying to create peace and sometimes i feel like nothing i do matters. But thanks

  2. i prophesied much like this God says tell my church don't be afraid im coming says the lord. The land is not of this world but in heaven.. I will send meaning of mine up. the ones below is satan and demons people left in middle are the people left behind people top are raptured. The bride is the world everyone who believes is him. And it is written that he.will not be put to shame.

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