Vision: I Saw The Lord Jesus Riding A Bicycle!!// Prophecy.

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Written by Wayne

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  1. POWERFUL!!! All glory to GOD!! Amen Tracie, the earth is the LORD'S, and all its fullness… HE is in control! I loved your story about seeing JESUS!!! How AWESOME! Yesterday evening while at the vet's there was a woman standing at the front desk…I noticed she had a tattoo on her right leg….of a BICYCLE…it stood out to me as I don't usually look at tattoos! Praise Him! ???? Love you!

  2. Jesus is Coming to get The Bride of Christ….He is HERE! Just waiting for the Trumpet to Sound! Believe …Do Not doubt! Your children will fulfill their plans and purposes in Christ Jesus in HIS KINGDOM! Rejoice….Sing Praises…Give Glory to Our KING!

  3. Jesus purges your sin – you cannot take away your own sin – he healed the sick as the sickness was a result of sin – he heals and renews – we do not heal ourselves – after he heals you then he says sin no more or a worse thing will come upon yuu. Jesus is the high priest that makes atonement for our sins. If we weren't sinful we would not need him. Rivers of livng water yes that is what I want. Please give me your rivers of living in water. Terrible, awesome, outer limits power. Power that the human mind cannot comprehend. There is nothing that he cannot do.

  4. Hey sis! This is such a beautiful message from the Lord!! I just read Isaiah 48 and it mentions most of the stuff the Lord said through you! It is amazing how powerful God's word is!❤️???????? God bless you always sis!❤️❤️

  5. thank you dear one, my family's soul needs to hear this. ..I will take it to them. also, confirmation on these exact scripture as yesterday they were revealed in prayer!!!

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