Vision Jesus on the cross – Jugement is coming – rapture!

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Vision and word Rec’d on 3/16/15 – By Lisa

I see Jesus hanging on the cross..and I see it getting VERY DARK..VERY DARK!! I see the pain in the Father’s heart as I am watching this…and I ask why are you showing me this?
He said, “…my children don’t even realize or care that my son was sacrificed for them…for THEIR sins..They are so busy living for the things of this world. They don’t care about the sacrifice that was made. I created all this for them..and gave them a way out for their sin, but they won’t accept it. All they want are the short temporary pleasures they can get from this world! They don’t seek after things that are eternal. They don’t want Me and My ways. As hard as this is for me to do..this must end now for those who are still holding on to Me are getting so weak and weary!!! I have to come and rescue them now!!! I have to put an end to this now!! The things they are planning on doing- the evils!! They are working behind the scenes…their plan is to destroy everything that I have created!!”
I see bombs coming in….OH JESUS….things are going to get crazy REALLY FAST NOW!! His heart is SO HEAVY!!! It is so heavy tonight!!
The only thing He can do is take His (children) out of the way now..where things are turning so evil…I see creatures dropping from the sky…HORRIBLE CREATURES!!!
He said, “…they THINK THEY have created all of this!! They think they are in control of all of this….BUT they will SOON see the MIGHTY HAND OF GOD show them different!!!!”
“I am on my way Children…I am on my way!!!”


Written by Wayne

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  1. Wow, I had the same vision in mid March! And I was wondering why God was showing this to me… It's so hard for me to see Him like that. I can't believe He showed the same thing to you too and at the same time! I pray to be accounted worthy to escape, by His blood and His sacrifice because on my own I am not. God bless you!

  2. How precious. We love you Lord. Zero dislikes is a first. I will never understand those who reject so great a love. I have so little in this world but I have Jesus. Jesus is all I need. Jesus we love you and thank you. You are more than worthy. We are going home soon. God bless you all.

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