Vision: Jesus (Yeshua) with his Angel from Heaven

Vision: Jesus (Yeshua) with his Angel from Heaven

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This was a very uplifting vision! I was meditating to the Lord and trying to picture him in my mind. Mind you, that I have only seen a flash vision of the Lord once when I was meditating to him.

Please ask Abba about this vision I had. I have asked him for confirmations and my confirmations were these words “hello from the other side” but it might have been demons playing tricks on me but I asked the Lord for another confirmation again and again and then I got these words “other side” three times!

So that is why I am uploading this video!

I hope that this video uplifts your spirits, my brothers and sisters in Christ!

Please also always discern my videos! Ask Abba for help if something doesn’t make any sense to you.

What I got out of this vision were these scriptures from the Holy Bible:

Revelation 7:9-17 (KJV) and 19:9 (KJV)

Thank you for watching! I give all my GLORY TO ABBA!