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Open vision of groups clashing with police and soilders in the USA and the UK. Eyes open guys we are in the end of age Jesus is coming back soon

Written by Wayne

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  1. sister Kerry-ann,i gotta share this short wake up called with you, My husband this morning been telling me" jenny i am going to work because he likes telling me this so i dont wake up and be calling his name and because of our three daughters. so i knotted back off to sleep, you know like a cat nap and then just like how me and my husband talk in the mornings like wake up jenny because that's my nick name, anyways i went back to sleep, i know in Jesus mighty name that Jesus called out my name! JESUS "Wake up Jenny and so i didn't hesitate, i just got right on up…. because i spend my mornings with Jesus while my children are sleeping… i spend my mornings praying and in his word and with jesus for like 30 minutes and sometimes hours before my children get up in the morning…. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus… you know that i been praying also to hear jesus voice and i did.. Jesus voice is like a quiet still voice… just like how me and my husband be talking but Jesus voice is soo calm and peace…. i was led by the holy spirit to share this with you!!!! ???? Have a blessing day!

  2. amen! us black people should wake up and realise that this is not a war if flesh and blood but against spirits and powers unseen. I'm all for equality and fight against police brutality against black people. However, I realise the black lives matter promotes this so called conscious movement where they reject Christianity and everything that has to do with white people. Its sad actually because Jesus is not just a colour but our saviour!


November 18, Vision from Jesus, Not for children! Use Disernment!