Vision of Coming Jesus (Rapture) from 18 Different People

Vision of Coming Jesus (Rapture) from 18 Different People

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Many people have seen visions and dreams about the coming Messiah, Jesus. For the last two year, even more people have visited to heaven and got message from Jesus that He is coming very soon! I collected the testimonies from many different God’s servants and prophets who have been talking about that Jesus is coming soon. Followings are the list of the people in this video and their full videos!

1. Retah McPherson
2. Choo Thomas
3. David Jones and Sid Roth
4. Angelica Zamabrano
5. Sarah Binayamo Boyanga
6. Loretta Blasingame
7. Richard Sigmund
8. Carlos Samiento
9. Bruce Allen
10. David Owuor
11. Sister Ceci
12. Bernada Fernandez
13. James Durham
14. Maurice Sklar
15. Sori Park
16. Rivers Teske
17. Elvi Zapata
18. Kelvin Mireku

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