Vision of Heaven – God took Him to the Holy City for 8 Hours Days

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This Man had Many Visions and then God took Him to Heaven for 8 Hours and was Told Amazing Things. This is a true story!
This message needs to go all over this Earth…this is an incredible vision and everyone on this Earth needs to hear about this vision from this very humble man.
Feel free to copy this video and re-upload it on your channel if you want to do so…this vision need to be seen by every person on this Earth…
We are living in the short time period of our Fathers grace…Jesus is coming back to Earth, and the Holy Spirit is about to be poured out upon this Earth to get us all ready for Heaven!!!

Best Vision of Heaven & Hell, Nicely Produced

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God Bless You!

Written by Wayne

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Best Vision of Heaven & Hell, Nicely Produced