Vision of Jesus Christ by my son. Revelation1:14,15 Brass burned in a furnace Julio Roosberg.

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Daniel10:6 + Revelation2:18 Jesus = Chocolate brown or coin.

Written by Wayne

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  1. THE CHILDS VISION IS JUST WHAT DASDDY TAUGHT HIM HIS VISION WAS. YOU CAN SEE THAT THERE ARE BIBLE VERSES ON THE WALLS SO HE IS BRAINWASHED INTO BELIEVEING WHAT Daddy believes……REV- 1: 14,  His (head and his hair were white like wool, as white as snow; his eyes were like a flame of fire……. how many white headed and white haired black folks do you see running around???????????????? they are not telling you his black or white! this here, what you are doing is the work of satan. his only job is to have us argue over every little subject that's out there. answer me this……. if he turns out to be white will you still bow?????? if he turns out to be black would you still worship????????? I never think about it. I think of him as a connection to each one of us. ya know, that feeling that we all seem to have lost! the pureness of the soul that makes us starve for interaction with each other. The light from a little birthday candle that as soon as its lit drives every bit of evil darkness out the tiniest cracks in the walls and ceiling. Then I think of evil as doing the same with darkness in a well lit room. its just don't compare.You will eventually find what you are looking for. GOD BLESS.

Duo vision de jesus

June 19, Vision from Jesus, 13, 58, and SHARK!!