Vision of Jesus on horse,Noah’s Ark dream,and other stuff

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all 4 in 1!!!

Written by Wayne

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  1. GOD bless you Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ. I just had this Revelation from Jesus Christ. Please watch it for Spiritual encourament at We are sooooo close to be raptured away from this wicked world. Forward this Revelation to your friends and families. I am sure you want your families also to be saved. GOD Bless you.

  2. What year did you have these dreams? 2014? Why do you think it's soon then? If I saw God on His throne He'd probably squish me like an ant. I had a dream of seeing His throne once and He was angry. Always angry. I'm saved, but it's still hard to imagine Him being loving.

Open vision of Jesus on a horse (July 12 2016) ~ gelzel Louis channel

Santali girl seeing vision of JESUS