Vision of Jesus taking my grandmother to Heaven & demon offering money, power and fame

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some visions to read – i was trapped in dark
morbid place with mournful agony screams and whimpers.
and a dragon was trying come towards me but my dad
started shouting to fight it, it turned to my father
and they fought,
my father had a sword, they wounded each other
mortaly and they died,
i floated instanly to my father scream crying.
i can hear sinister laughing all around.
i woke up crying and my dad picked me up from my crib.
i know there really is a spiritual
dragon waiting to consume all of us at birth.

my family fell apart.
lots of partys and fights.
i was placed in foster care. it was a good home,
loving ppl. i love them i remember them all.
but still at nite everynite id cry and pray to go home.
everynite id do this looking out the window, so from my experience
fuk you cfs. fuk your whole kill human spirit
system you think is good, i forgive you,
but what you need to do is wake up. your destroying
sacred spririts given from Creator.
when id finaly fall asleep
id wake up at nite and see ppl running around trying to
hide. some are screaming, many are scared and crying.
they come to me in my room from the window, the wall, the ceiling,
id watch it all wondering if i was awake or dreaming.
i would start cryin calling out for my foster parent.
go to sleep shed reply.
il shut the washroom lite if you stay up.
id keep quiet and watch the ppl cry ask me for help
id get out of bed and start hideing them
just then BANG the back door would get kicked open
and i can hear a diffrent language yelling and i can hear my foster
parents get up to fight.
i can hear them get shot. i can hear my older foster brother
go help and he gets shot, the younger runs for the window
but he gets shot climbing out.
i climb under the bed, the bed gets lifted right off.
i stand up. he yells in a language i cant understand, i say something
and then i see his gun go off pointing at me.
i can see the lite, then its white calm.
then im sitting in my bed under the blankets crying.
i look out and then it starts again. the same
things over and over till daylite.
a few times it would be a bomb or fire that drops on us.
not long after that soldiers as far as the eye
can see come from all directions.
and then the same thing happens again,
the soldiers come and line us up,
they take those ones over ther to die slow but surely.
they get lined up and shot like ther saving ammo.
then my door gets kicked open, im hiding they find me,
he lifts his gun, says something, i say something
and i get shot, ive seen this countless times.
once i saw the barrel ignite
in that white lite consumed me with peace and loving
feeling. i can see Him a face like the sun, speak and say
my son all these things must come to pass,
all that i have shown you will happen.
and if you remember Me to the end you will come
home with Me which is with the Father in heaven.
remember Me son, all these things you have seen will come to pass,
remember Me son, tell these things to your brothers
and sisters. tell them that they may know also,
do this even though many will hate you for
loving Me.
and then Hed start fading and id get off the bed and try follow
and when He was out of view i was up to the
window pane watching the sun just starting to rise.
i remember these things everyday. Jesus is real
and Hes coming soon for His chosen and those who believe Him.
this vision i had seen almost every week for about 3-4 months.
if you can go back to these days on record at
kelsey scool youd see i fell asleep alot of times at scool.
i fell asleep alot becuaz i was up till dawn
being shown the truth and its horrorible.
i know this new world order plan is for real.
real as Jesus Christ who was sent to save our souls!
thanks for your time as it is for you!

Written by Wayne

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  1. good video minus the f bombs, clean up the language man! cursing is a sin in the bible isn't it? just asking…nevertheless thanks for sharing your visions from heaven's throne.

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