Vision of Jesus the Christ

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Christ appeared to me in a dream…

This dream was more real and definitely felt more grand than ‘3D’ reality. There was a lot of pleasant light; it was bright.

He said, “I am real. You will wake up and lose this feeling, just remember the dream.”

This dream came to me when I was facing an enormous amount of doubt, regarding the reality of Jesus. It has been a constant ‘anchor,’ for me, to fall back on when I wonder about the mystery of life…

Written by Wayne

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  1. @ooJesusiscomingoo Yep, I suppose that would make sense to you if you haven't studied how religions are a human cultural product, created by man for man.
    The myths and superstitions of the past have little to teach us in the present day, apart from warning us that humanity is prone to believing all kinds of incredible fairy tales .
    The less you know, the more you believe.

  2. I met Jesus too. Thousands have experienced Him. It's time to put your bible aside and focus on the "Manifestation" of the Holy Spirit. Jesus told me " I do not want people to believe in me…I want them to experience me." He is here…talk to Him.

  3. @adnetjm Maybe you made a running bet with Someone you don't remember. It's all playing out. Slight glitches in the system. Do the thing that you don't want to. Sometimes.

    Peace and Power

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