Vision of Jesus – Tortured Man Has Vision of Jesus

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Vision of Jesus

Vision of Jesus
Between the civil war in Syria and the advance of ISIS in the Middle East, 14 million people have been forced to flee their homes—more than half of them children. This is the greatest number of displaced people since World War II. Charles Morris, President and Speaker of Haven Ministries, went to Northern Iraq to discover how the Church can help the millions displaced by war. Watch the first-hand accounts of those on the ground in Northern Iraq.
Vision of Jesus
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Vision of Jesus
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  1. Sad that Muslim converts to Christianity are on fire & full of zeal for The Author of Life, Jesus Christ compared to born Christians who are born & take HIM for granted. Shame & pathetic! many just want to party & hv a good time but there will be reckoning & come it will. Tomorrow may never so surrender to HIM now.

  2. I think the worst part of this story is that these ppl did nothing, but love Jesus. I thought that being persecuted for religion would be a thing of the past, but here we are in 2016 seeing it firsthand with these beautiful ppl. Loving God is great! God thank you for showing me this. It shows me how even in the midst of all of this craziness that is going on in this world there are still good ppl that choose to honor you, and your word no matter what. Glory to you forever and ever ….Amen

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