Vision of Rapture and Heaven

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The Lord gave me a vision of what the rapture will be like and a glimpse of heaven.

Hi everyone!
As we all can sense and feel it! The rapture is going to happen very very soon! So I asked the Lord what it might be like and what we could expect when the rapture happens and here is what He showed me in a vision.
I had a vision that the rapture was taking place. There was a rumbling and the ground was shaking. An earthquake was taking place. Then at the same time that I felt the earthquake, my ears popped, it also felt like the sensation of being under water, and I couldn’t hear anything. Everything was silent. Then I found myself floating above my bed in my room. This reminded me of the rapture vision I had in 2009. In that vision, I saw Jesus coming on the dark clouds outside my window. There was a strange silence, I couldn’t hear anything, no sounds, it was like I was in a bubble or vacuum or something and then I saw Jesus in the sky with His arms outstretched and I knew it was time to go home. At the time, I didn’t know why there was silence, but now I think this latest vision may have cleared that up. Now this popping sound could be what we hear as we are coming out of our bodies or being transformed.
The next vision may be difficult to understand so I pray that you will get out of it what was intended. You may have to pray and watch this a couple of times to get the meaning. But the next thing the Lord showed me is that when we are in heaven, He is going amplify the work that He started here within us on earth. He gave each one of us a special gift aside from a spiritual gift and a creative gift which these things are very much a part of us, but this gift I am referring to incorporates who we are, our personality magnified and glorified. What I mean by this is that whatever God created us to be, will be known to everyone without a doubt and it will set us apart from everyone else, a unique characteristic that He has given only to us . This will be the reason He will give us a new name. So all the trials that we went through here on the earth, worked to mold us into this unique character created by God for His glory. He told me that my unique character trait that He created in me is my strength. When I get to heaven everyone will know me by this trait, and my personality will exude this characteristic everywhere I go. It will be refined and strengthened and will reach its fruition in heaven, as God intended it to be, for my personality. We will all have peace in our hearts knowing who we are and God created us to be. There are many unique characteristics that define who we are and each one of us will be known for these traits that God was creating in us since the time we became a new creation in Christ. I saw people walking around in heaven with battle scars on them, from these trials that they endured here on the earth. But they were glorified and considered beautiful. These are spiritual battle scars from fighting Satan and his demons and are only seen in the spiritual realm. And all though physical wounds may heal here on the earth, they still remain in the spiritual realm. In my vision, the light from heaven shone brightly through them, and those with the most battle scars were the most glorified and revered by everyone. But of course no one will have as many or as close to as many as Jesus. No one has the ability to shine as brightly as He does.
I believe God showed me these things to bring us comfort on what to expect and to be joyful as we are soon going home. I am very excited because I have been waiting for the Lord to give me a song for my next rapture party video. I didn’t know if there would be another one, but He gave me one this morning, so I am going to be busy today working on it. Wait till you see what He picked! Wow, you guys are going to love this one and I hope to have it up for you tomorrow. God bless you all! Jesus is coming soon! Hope to see you all soon in the air! God bless!

Written by Wayne

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