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PRINT/EMAIL/TEXT THIS MESSAGE. YOUR ETERNITY DEPENDS ON IT: If you are reading this, you have hit the jackpot. First of all, Bible prophecy has been fulfilled (Israel has been restored as a nation, homosexuality has been accepted, people deny that GOD created the universe, people deny that Noah’s flood ever happened, the Scriptures tell us that there will be money-hungry Bible teachers who will slur the Christian faith and deceive many, scoffers will mock the Second Coming by claiming these signs have always been around, etc.) We are living near the END OF TIMES. If you think the Bible is just a random book written thousands of years ago, you are WRONG. God’s fingerprints are all over the Bible and we can verify this fact with the over 2,000 fulfilled prophecies! The prophecies concerning the RAPTURE (where born-again and faithful Christians will be taken up to heaven while the rest of the world goes through SEVEN tribulation) have been fulfilled. THE RAPTURE can happen at any second of any day. I used to be an atheist, after supernatural experiences and God revealing himself to me, I came to the truth of Christianity. If you ignore this letter now, you will be hitting yourself on the head when the RAPTURE takes place. The government is going to cover up the RAPTURE by stating aliens came and abducted these people (Christians). Since not all Christians are going to be saved because they refused to REPENT and they continued living in sin, the world will literally fall for this alien abduction theory. I am WARNING you ahead of time. After the RAPTURE, this world will be in TOTAL CHAOS and will look to a leader. This is where the antichrist (the devil incarnate, the son of perdition) will rise. He will perform many false miracles that people will fall for. DO NOT be deceived by his ways. I am RIGHT NOW, making you an offer. If after reading this you WANT to be saved and NOT go through the 7 years of HELL on this Earth, PLEASE follow these steps. PRAY to JESUS CHRIST to forgive you of your sins. PRAY to him every day. He is your new best friend. He wants to speak with you every day. ASK him to cleanse you with his blood. GET a BIBLE. READ the last chapter (REVELATIONS). This will guide you during your time during the tribulation. During the tribulation, the left-behind and newly born again Christians will be persecuted. Also, MOST IMPORTANTLY, during the middle of the tribulation, the antichrist (who will rule the world and the one world government that will be created) will require every single human being to take the MARK OF THE BEAST. This is going to be in the form of an electronic RFID CHIP. (No man/woman can buy or sell without this. All hell will break loose on earth). DO NOT fall for this mark. If you willingly take this mark, you will immediately go to HELL once you die. If you DON’T believe that there exists a HELL, pray to JESUS that HE show you inside HELL. You will feel sick and disgusted after seeing just even a glimpse. The DEVIL (Yes he exists. I come under spiritual attack by his demons) is the king of HELL. He and his demons torture every single human being that enters HELL. They have been doing this since the first human being was cast into the pit. If you don’t want to enter HELL, you need to seek JESUS CHRIST. DO NOT take the mandatory RFID chip (mark of the beast), God won’t hear your prayers if you do. After the SEVEN YEARS of TRIBULATION, Jesus will return to this planet to establish his 1,000 year reign. MOST IMPORTANTLY, two thirds of all humans will die during the TRIBULATION so DON’T wait to repent after the rapture. Once the tribulation starts, you still won’t be guaranteed any more time. SO I ENCOURAGE YOU, REPENT RIGHT NOW!

IF YOU ARE LOST, CONFUSED, HAVE QUESTIONS, you can refer to these guys. They will let you know more.……


All glory to Father God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit

Written by Wayne

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  1. I think if we see the election of the states be abruptly stopped for whatever reason, we need to understand if this happens it is the beginning of the end, as revelation dictates. Time will show us the fruit of their works either way. There are an awful lot of folks having big revealing visions lately this was also prophesied, And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: you are right to say all this is encouraging good job God Bless.

  2. My friend I have lived that scripture!sounds like God has blessed you with amazing spiritual gifts.when I was a young man I had Had a very wild night drinking and mixing alcohol and marijuana and I saw that cobra demon smiling at me every time I heaved to vomit.I can't believe I shared it on YouTube,but I feel The Lord's pressing me to give youfurther validation

Vision of a shepherd (Yashua/Jesus Christ) herding His flock

Vision of Jesus in Sky; Shofar sound..see comments for confirmation