Vision of the Rapture 8: Jesus says He Is Coming Now

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Jesus is coming NOW

Sorry for the profane cross; didn’t know better then but now DO know! All praise be to GOD

Written by Wayne

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  1. Satan comes disguised as Christ at the sixth seal, the sixth trumpet, and the sixth vial! 666! This is antichrist! Don't be deceived! The True Christ will be coming at the 7th seal, the 7th trumpet, and the 7th vial! Wait for Him! We will be in our spirit bodies at His coming! Wait for Him!
    Go to and Mark13Records YouTube for God's Word taught properly. Stay in your Heavenly Father's Word every day.
    In Jesus name.

  2. Praying in Tongues- This was reveal
    1.My children, pray for one another
    2.America, Please Repent
    3.Suicide bomber is going to invade church buildings, church leaders anoint your churches
    4.Obama is planning to sell America to Russia and China
    5..Kevin, Tell my people to stop arguing
    Kevin, Tell them to pray for one another
    6.Kevin, The Un will bring in the new world order
    7.5 mega pastor will be in hell
    Joe Esteem, TD Jakes, Celfo Dollar-other two wasn't revealed
    8. Kevin, Tell ex ministries, keep preaching truth, they are church of Philadelphia
    9. The Pope is The False Prophet
    10. Attention Church, Bring as Many as You Can, Time is Short

  3. God gave you two visions in the form of a dream! Wow! I hope to someday have a vision. We have had so many demonic attacks lately. You are right. All around us it is occurring an people don't even notice. Wow, of all the people in the world you are a chosen vessel. There are billions of people in the world and he chose to say this message to you in such a creative way. Thank you for sharing. God is good.

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