Visions Of The Rapture, Heaven, Hell, And The Great Tribulation A Real Encounter With Jesus Christ

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Ajoutée le 7 mai 2015 by “Grand Elite Media”
The Rapture, Heaven, Hell, And The Great Tribulation :
SHOCKING VISION Of Christ’s Second Coming.

The Living Testimony & Witness Of 8-Year-Old Janet Balderas Canela.

I have designed this video to illustrate her story, and have used voice software to the best of my ability.
I apologize for some quirks, but worked with only limited resources to illustrate this event.
You can Google her entire story for more info & even find text documents to this video.

I inted no copyright infringement of any sort, and have used all clips properly when it comes to serving YouTube guidelines.

I have disabled comments for many people were negative towards one another. Disagreement in religion is truly what seems to be wrong here, and our world will fall apart if it doesn’t stop. At this time, we need one another more than ever and in learning from one another and working with one another as a global people, we will soon then learn to accept and love one another for their differences rather than using them to one’s disadvantage. I actually still have the hope that we can work together while continuing to learn from one another and their beliefs. Listen. Let people speak. I ask that you simply respect one another under such a topic, yet I definitely have no room for bullying of any sort under a project that I worked so hard upon. This took me months to create, and I ask that everyone please respect it equally with an open mind and simply for what it is. An account. A vision. A testimony. It was an intriguing story and I’m honored to have worked on such a project.

It was a challenge, so I personally thank you all for making it one of my personal legacies.

Thank You For Posting And Sharing With Others Online.
A Big Thank You to all who have respected this project’
I wish you the best in your endeavors online as well.
Thank you for watching, sharing, and enjoying.

Best Wishes & Kindest Regards – Jason Andrew Sutherland

© Grand Elite Media 2015

Written by Wayne

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  1. Hi.
    Thank you for taking time to share my video. I am Jason, the creator of this video.
    Unfortunately, I have taken this video down due to the drama that followed upon releasing it.
    The video reached over a million views however, and I am far grateful for the lives that it did touch.
    But sadly, the video was being uploaded over to other channels and comments were allowed …
    Bad things were being said under my production on other channels ( I had comments disabled on mine ) …
    and well … I guess you can draw your own conclusions as to where the video stands now.
    YouTube has taken the video down completely, on all channels, and I still have the master copy available.
    If you would like to reach me, please feel free. I have other productions in which I have completed.
    I’m an independent audio/visual productionist and would like to find more people within this ministry.
    Thank you again for taking time to share the video. I truly believe that God will reward you greatly.
    Have a great new year. God bless you.

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