Walking WITH The Mind of Christ! You Can Overcome

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You don’t have to live a life of defeat.

Similarly, so many other Christians live their lives in such a way that they compartmentalize their faith. They look at their faith as something that they do on Sunday. People with this mindset “do church” on Sundays. Church and religion are just one part of who they are. This all leads to the mindset that when things get rough, their problems are simply too big for their God. Friends, if the Bible is to mean anything and if the Bible is true, Christian living is all about victorious living. That’s right, it’s all about victory in Christ.

This victory is not something that happens when Christ comes again. We all know that Christ is coming again soon, but your personal victory doesn’t get delivered to you at that point in time. Nope. Christ has saved you already on Calvary. He paid the price so you can live. God poured out all His riches in the form of His only begotten Son so He can give you victory. This is the most precious gift that we’ve been given because it enables us to live. We’re not just talking about living where you are saved from the fires of hell. We are talking also about living life to the fullest. Christ Himself said that He has come so we can live life to the full. In other words, He brings abundance, joy and the sense of overwhelming possibility. You only need to claim this victory by living with His mind. He’s already ransomed you from Satan. Isn’t it time you let Him in fully into your mind so you can live His life, not yours.

A life of victory is not just possible with Christ, it is guaranteed.

Christ has promised liberty to the captives and rest for the weary. As the Bible says, “God’s word does not come back to Him void.” In other words, when God says something, it becomes real. When God promises something, He delivers. This is after all, the same God that spoke the whole world and everything on it in six days. If He can speak those words and our world and everything in it was created, how much more would His words enable you to live life to the fullest? Still, too many Christians feel that they cannot tap into this power. They get the immensity of Christ’s power, don’t get me wrong, but in their minds, it’s safely tucked away somewhere far where they can’t reach it.

In the minds of these Christians, life, like the weeds in the Parable of the Sower, seemed too strong. Their problem seemed too big, and as a result, Jesus by comparison becomes too small. This really is too bad because as a Christian you have been given a huge amount of power. Unfortunately, it’s just lying in front of you. You only have to reach out and grab it for it to become your reality. Sadly, too many Christians don’t even get around to claiming that power.

This book teaches you three ways to live with a mind of Christ. You will overcome your problems and experience daily miracles. How? All these are made possible by living more in faith and expanding your territory and capabilities. You won’t be able to overcome your problems because you are strong, worthy or skilled. Those will go away. Those are temporary. You only overcome completely and consistently if you choose to live the mind of Christ. Are you ready to realize that God is much larger and more powerful than your life’s challenges? Are you ready to tap into this power…. TODAY?


*From Pastor Wayne’s latest book “3 Ways You Can Walk In The Mind of Christ” – now on Amazon – click here to pick-up your copy.

Written by Wayne

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