Watch Steffany Frizzel Gretzinger Talk About Her Album The Undoing And The ‘Process’ We All Go Through

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Everything basically goes through a process.

That food that you ordered from your favorite restaurant went through the hands of a very talented chef who turned it into a sumptuous and hearty meal.

In the same way, we Christians go through a process of pruning and molding until God sees His original plans over our lives unfold. The process doesn’t always look and feel good. We face pain, frustration and heartaches as the Bible says we are like a clay in the potter’s hand (see Jeremiah 18:6).

If we picture the molding of the clay, it goes through a lot of smearing, crushing and refining before it is created into its new and beautiful design. Steffany Frizzel Gretzinger had a revelation about the process. She said that no matter how hard the process that we go through may seem, it will surely have a fruitful outcome.

“Don’t despise the process” is the central message of her The Undoing Album. Watch her as she talks more about it.


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