What Heaven was like when I died – Nathan Wheeler

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What Heaven was like when I died – Nathan Wheeler


Upon my arrival to Heaven I was greeted by 4 very large men that I believe to have been angels. I’d like to add that they did not have wings. lol. If it has wings its a Cherubim.

They (the angels) showed me around a town square and brought me to a building that resembled the Jewish Temple of the Temple Mount. The roof was flat and had gold twisted pillars with Olive leafs and olives at the top and bottom. These pillars were NOT the main pillars that held up the entrance but were on the top flat surface above the entrance as decoration.

Upon my unaided-return-to-life I brought back with me a message of how great heaven is and that both God and Heaven are indeed real. I spent most of my life doubting Heaven (never God) but obviously now I do not have any doubts about either.

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