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When God Is Silent – Prophetic Online Church January 10 2016

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When God Is Silent – Prophetic Online Church January 10 2016

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Written by Wayne

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  1. John from Albury NSW Australia.I would like to thank you Wayne for your ministry it has been a blessing from the Lord.I know in my times of silence at different times I have felt God is wanting me just to trust and Keep trusting in He’s word and to draw closer to Him and to have someone who you can come to like yourself to get a Prophetic word of encouragement is great.May I share 1 time you really helped me with a prophetic word,I was visiting someone we were talking about the Lord and a Angel run from behind me stood about 4-5 ft in front and cupped he’s right hand and throw something in the spirit over me which effected the emotions but I had a check in my spirit and thought something wasn’t right [Had a bit of this nonsense]so I sought you out for help and you spoke a word that there was 2 spirits trying to fit in like being from the Lord but has soon has I herd you speak that word I felt the things break.. So would like to thank you even though we are not in the same area or going to the same church God can use Men and Woman of God to help each other..Be Blessed

When God Is Silent – Prophetic Sermon Online Church Wayne Sutton

January 11 2016 Daily Prophetic Word