When Things Are “Stinky” In Your Life!

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by Vernon Hammett

At 11:00 one cold December night after a date with my wife we approached the back door of our home in the inner city of Saint Louis, MO and as I fumbled for my house key I stepped on something on my doormat. It wasn’t something, it was someone! As my mind raced to remember my Army training a small voice said “It’s me Mr. Carey, Stinky!”

Stinky was one of the kids from our neighborhood tutoring program who had been dubbed “Stinky” by his own family. He was in fact stinky. He was not accustomed to proper hygiene and he was often embroiled in some form of trouble with his family or his friends. He had assumed the identity of his nickname Stinky. This night he had been involved in a …

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  1. This story touched my heart so much……..It is the REAL gospel……family in Christ first. Jesus Adores Us ( Isaiah 43:4 ) Thank You for your love Pastor . It refreshes and strengthens my faith and soul. May we all follow in Christ’s footsteps and yours ! Hugs, Lynn

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