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People will buy from you, people will trust you, people will follow you, if you have certainty in your business. This is Wayne Sutton, Life Coach Thanks for joining us for another episode. In these episodes, we’re going to talk about the certainty of life coaching. How to truly change people, help people discover their passion and purpose and become the person they’re called to be, number one. Number two, how to take your services into the world so people will find you, people will follow you, people will do business with you. If you have all of the tools, you need to be able to release it into the world, so thanks for jumping on board.
Today, I want to talk about certainty. Certainly, what does that mean to you? If you’re certain about something, that means you have faith it’s going to work. If I’m certain that this camera is going to work, then I’ll sit here, we’ll talk and we’ll record and everything’s great. If I have doubt about it, then I may not spend as much time in front of the camera. If I have certainty, if I hit a light switch, the light switch comes on. I don’t have to know the ins and outs of how the camera works, because I don’t, or how the electricity makes a little filament in a bulb work, I don’t.
What I am certain of is that I am here to help you and I’m certain when I work with clients I can help them achieve their goals, dreams, and overcome obstacles in their path. Are you certain? Because when you’re certain, there’s congruency. Let me say this, if you’re coaching someone, you need to be congruent. That means it needs to come out of your voice, your body language, everything needs to say yes and that’s what we’re looking for because a lot of times people are unsure, there’s this no, they’re not 100% sure, they’re not totally confident, and it comes out and people don’t want to do business with that kind of person.
The kind of person that you want to do business with is one who says yes, they’re confident, they know what they’re doing, and so go back and become the expert in your field. If you’re a fitness coach, make sure you’re studying your learning. What’s the latest trends, what’s happening, what new science is coming out? If you’re a financial coach, what’s happening now in the financial market? Always be a student so that you may be the best coach because when you’re the best student, you have certainty and that certainty brings congruency, which will bring you clients and most importantly, the clients will follow you.
If you tell the client I think we’re going to try this or this may work, there’s no certainty in that but when you say this is what we’re going to do, this is how we’re going to do it, and here’s your next step, they’ll take action and then there’s change. Guys, pick up your free book How To Become A Six Figure Life Coach. Pick it up at and I look forward to hearing from you.

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