Why is Singing a Part of Worship?

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Andy Beth Miller | Contributor to | Monday, November 21, 2016

A recent article written by Pastor Matt Damico for delves into the much-debated topic of worship; specifically, the reasons why we sing. Damico begins his article with a tongue-in-cheek assertion alluding to the fact that not everyone shows up to worship every Sunday ready to sing their hearts out in joy and jubilation.

“At our church, everyone shows up ready to sing with full hearts each Sunday morning,” Damico quips. “Nobody arrives after a tense car ride to church, or a difficult morning with children, or a late night of studying, or a long week of work. Everyone is well-rested and eager to make melody to God.”

Obviously being facetious here in his dialogue, Damico follows this lighthearted and funny intro by describing the realities of worship, and what for too many is a lack of desire to worship, especially through singing.

“Let’s be honest. Even the most stably enthusiastic in our gatherings have had Sundays when we wished our hearts burned more brightly,” Damico admits. “We experience an inner struggle in these moments. On the one hand, we know that we should sing because we’re at church. On the other, it’s good to be authentic and real, so it feels like a lie to sing when we don’t feel like it.”

With these assertions in mind, Damico attempts to answer this question in the remainder of his article: “Is it better to be honest and silent than an audible hypocrite?”

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