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I had a dream that I was escorted by some people into the back of this old church that was a type of denomination that I won’t mention here. Just know that this church represented the spirit of religion in every sense of the word!

In the dream, I began to explore every part of this building, it’s hiding places, crawl spaces and even higher places. Finally, I came down to the main floor of this place and went into the main sanctuary from the back entrance also. ALL OF THE ROOMS IN THIS “CHURCH” WERE VERY DARK AND VERY DUSTY. (note that dust represents men’s flesh)

I looked up in the dream and saw the front of the church and there were two double doors. (In the past double doors in my dreams have always indicated destiny.) The doors were locked from the inside. I SUDDENLY SAW ONE OF THE DOORS CRACK OPEN AND A BRIGHT LIGHT WHICH LIT THE SANCTUARY ENOUGH SO THAT I COULD SEE MY WAY OUT BECAME VISIBLE TO ME!

I began to run toward the door but as I went I held onto the pews on either side! As I touched each one I could feel the presence of the religious spirits but also felt a sadness as I left, as if the people who had been there in the past were abused by it. These pews were also covered with dust! I felt that there were many spirits surrounding me as I ran through to get to the light!

When I got outside, the church was high on a hill above a highway and my car was parked on the other side of this highway. (Cars always represent ministries for the most part.) This highway was not wide but narrow. I ran down the hill with fear and trembling, but as I spotted my car, I realized that the keys to my car were left behind in the now locked church. (keys represent authority!)


I believe that many of us are stuck in the halls and rooms of the religious system right now and so much of what we are doing is flesh and not God. God is about to show us the way out of this by shining a light on the doors of our destinies. You have been given authority that is God given not just given to you by men. (LET ME JUST SAY THAT THIS DENOMINATION THAT WAS REPRESENTED HERE WAS ONE THAT ONLY HAVE MEN MINISTER AND NOT WOMEN!)

I want to say to the women here. Do not leave your KEYS!! Do not leave the idea of your authority that God has given you back at the place that you were locked into a mindset ! Your ministry is awaiting you, outside of the walls of bondage! It is just across that narrow highway! THAT NARROW HIGHWAY IS A HIGHWAY TO YOUR DESTINY AND MINISTRY! IT IS NARROW BECAUSE NOT MANY DARE LEAVE THE ESTABLISHED PLACE OF RELIGION TO GET TO THEIR TRUE DESTINY! NOT MANY WILL SPEAK OUT ABOUT WHAT THEY TRULY BELIEVE! NOT MANY WILL FOLLOW GOD’S LIGHT, TO LEAVE THE OLD DUSTY, MUSTY RELIGIOUS MINDSETS BEHIND! IT IS TIME TO TAKE YOUR AUTHORITY. YOUR CAR (MINISTRY) AWAITS YOU! AND DON’T LEAVE YOUR KEYS BEHIND!

I would like to add that I am in no way advocating for women to leave their church but only the old way of thinking about a women’s TRUE AUTHORITY! God Bless you all! I ALSO BELIEVE THIS CAN GO FOR MEN TOO! JUST BE FREE NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!

Psalms 68:11-12 “The Lord gives the command; The women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host: “Kings of armies flee, they flee, And she who remains at home will divide the spoil!”

Arise Shine! Jo Ellen Stevens

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Written by Wayne

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  1. I also had a simiydream where I saw people being locked in a dark church. They wanted me to come in and I refused. One person came out and took the keys from me and I ran after him and took back my keys.


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