Worship Band After Tragic Bus Crash: “We Found This In The Wreckage Of Our Bus Today”

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On March 26 at 9:22PM, We Are Messengers Irish Worship band posted a shocking news on Facebook.

They were asking for prayers because they got involved in a fiery bus crash at South Atlanta. According to Charisma News, the band’s vehicle collided with a car that was stopped on the highway with no lights on which caused it to burst in flames.

But We Are Messengers all gave thanks to God because all of them were able to survive the tragic crash without injuries although everything in the bus was destroyed.

Instagram | wearemessengersmusic

Police spokesman Capt. Mike Ireland reported: “The driver of the bus said as the vehicles were coming to a stop he noticed flames on his left side. He yelled at everyone in the bus to get out.”.

The car that collided on the worship band’s bus caught fire as well but the person inside didn’t manage to escape and died on the spot.

“I’m heartbroken,” said vocalist Darren Mulligan in a Facebook video after the accident, asking for prayers for the family of the man who died in the crash.

“We should have all been dead. But the Lord is good. God’s still good, even in the tragedy that we’ve all been a part of, God is still good,” Mulligan said.

What’s even more surprising after the terrible accident was that, they found a partially burned Bible in the wreckage of their bus. It’s an excerpt from Romans 5 about peace, joy and suffering.


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