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“The ministry of Wayne Sutton had been a blessing. This ministry gave 100% accuracy of a personal prophecy. I had been so encouraged and strong by his prophetic word” – Jesse

You are at the right place at the the right time! Do you need a personal prophetic word – a message of prophetic counsel for your life?

Are you ready for an anointed prophetic word of counsel for your life?

Do you need prophetic guidance for your situation today?

We now offer personal prophetic ministry, a personal anointed prophetic counseling session, specifically for you, by e-mail.

Your concern will be prayed over by TheSecondAdam.com team, and you will be personally e-mailed back your personal prophetic word of direction within 3 to 7 days, many times within 48 hours.

Your session may include, but not limited to:

  • Words of Knowledge
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Personal Guidance and Instruction
  • Prophetic Words, Exercises, or Assignments

All e-mails are totally confidential, and will only be shared between you and your counselor and the prayer team. Once you donate, you may wish to leave a small note as well for Pastor Wayne Sutton.

*A donation of $37.00 is requested to support the ministry. Get Your Prophetic Message Today!

Please click on the PayPal button below – and then please send your mail your confidential concerns (please keep brief if possible) to thesecondadamprayer@gmail.com

Thank You!

*Free Special Reports “2 Ways You Can Hear God’s Voice Today!” & “Unlock The Prophetic Portals In Your Life” e-mailed to you with your mp3 words of prophetic counseling. Enjoy!

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“Thank you for the prophetic word it was awesome in so many ways. First I absolutely knew it was from the Lord because I had received the same word in a dream the week before. I’m in bible school and I had told some class mates I never “hear” God saying anything, but I did have a strange dream, and you echoed prophetically word for word what was told to me in the dream. So apparently God has to put me to sleep to talk to me…lol Thanks so much I was blessed.”
– Edwina

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“Wayne Sutton has the wisdom and sound council to bring clarity to situations about a persons life. I would trust his words and advice from the Lord for me and my family anytime.”
-Dr Jeremy Lopez www.identitynetwork.net
The Word you gave me was of great encouragment. I also feel peace about not moving yet, this was one of the areas I was asking direction in. Thanks so much.”
– Matilda
“Not only does Wayne come with an accurate word from God but when it’s released the manifest glory of God will so penetrate your heart that you will know exactly where the source of His ministry comes from, no other than Jesus Christ!”
-John T

“Thank you Wayne for the prophetic message that you sent. It was not only very encouraging, it really confirmed exactly what is going on in my life. I look forward to the next prophetic message from you.”
– R.B. Florence , SC

Wayne Sutton is a true blessing and a prophet. Wayne really hears from God as the personal prophetic word I received from him was 100% accurate. God even gave Wayne revelation of what I do for a living without me saying anything to Wayne! I was really encouraged that God really hears me because Wayne revealed in my personal prophecy what my heart’s desires have been before the Lord. Wayne is truly a prophetic minister of the Lord. Be encouraged Wayne and continue to seek the Lord on my behalf. God bless you! :-)”
– Lisa,

The Word from Wayne was an immense encouragement, he spoke directly to my situation and the Lord confirmed his word via other means and expended on it within 24 hours. Part of the word Wayne gave was the Lord would provide and lead us into Prosperity, in less than 24 hours, I received a telephone call informing both my Wife and I that we were entitled to several thousand pounds related to our Business and that payments were being processed.

MY FAITH has shot through the roof since receiving the Word of the Lord from Wayne Sutton, not only did he tell me the Lord would provide {and he did within hours !} but has also helped me to see the coming months and counselled on preparation.

I do without hesitation whole heartedly recommend the Ministry of Wayne Sutton, I believe he walks with God and the Lord has placed with in him specific insight into the realm of the Prophetic.

The Lord Bless him.

Gary {UK}

“Praise The Lord,prophet sutton your prophetic words you sent me were truly ultra on point,i listen to the mp3 prophesy most everyday and iam looking for more prophetic concil from your ministry ,and looking for the first manisfestation of the prophesies to come to pass,minutes from now,please continue to send up prayers on my behalf…God bless you and keep you…”
Prophet Tony
“Thank you for your prayer and prophetic message for our family. Everything the Lord gave you knowledge about has happened – just as described. Our daughter is off drugs and healing. I was able to hold on to the vision the Lord gave you for us during the most difficult times, to trust Him completely. Thank you again – may God bless you.”
– Melanie
After having my personal prophetic counseling session with Pastor Sutton, the one word that I can use to describe the feeling I had after our converstaion was done is WOW. Pastor Sutton was spot on about my life and it was a joy to speak with him. I will be constant contributor to this ministry.
– Lance White