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It has been declared for thousands of years that Revival only comes with prayer, and if you believe that is true, then we must look at how Jesus taught us to pray… “Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done, on EARTH as it is in Heaven.”

We believe the “On Earth” decree of this prayer is very possible because it is the same message Jesus preached and demonstrated, and Jesus told us to pray that way!

There are hidden realms concerning the Kingdom of God that we must bring to the church, because revelation brings the Kingdom promises to reality!

Wayne is on fire with his message and his message is simple… “The Kingdom of God Is At Hand!” Wayne does not believe that the blessings and provision of Heaven are reserved for us only when we die, but that we can actually have Heaven on Earth manifest in our lives here on earth… now!

If you would like a fresh word, an anointed message, and the keys to unlocking the Kingdom of God in your church, then I ask you to take a close look and consider inviting Wayne Sutton to come and minister at your church.

Whether it is a one evening service, a conference, or a revival Wayne has a message that will bring faith, hope, and power to your church body.

“When you pray according to the word of God, then you can expect God to answer those prayers. We pray for your church and your ministry, may the Kingdom of God become a reality in your midst. May God bring the saving, healing, and miracle working power to your church today!” – Wayne Sutton

If you would like to have Wayne come and minister at your church then please e-mail us at locatewayne@gmail.com – or you can call/text Wayne personally at (910) 233-2511

We look forward to meeting you soon!
God Bless You!

The 2023 schedule is now open for select ministry time – contact us today!

“I have been a friend of Wayne for over a decade now, and I would like to take a moment to tell you about him and his ministry.

Wayne is always searching for more truth, a deeper revelation, and most importantly the face of the true and living God. With a strong Pentecostal background, he stands firm in his beliefs, while yet open-minded enough to seek outside of the box and see what the Lord is doing, and where he is doing it.

He truly believes we can all live under an open heaven and experience the manifest presence of God in our daily walk. Hosting the presence of God outside of the church is significantly more important than even inside the church, he often states. Many people consider Wayne to be a great teacher, and I believe that comes from an insatiable appetite for the hidden nuggets deep within the word of God.

Wayne has a unique way of bringing the contemporary to the traditional, and bringing the traditional back to the contemporary! I highly recommend having him come and minister with your church. And when he is coming please let me know so I can come and worship as well!” – Rome Batchelor, Wilson, NC