Firefighters Step in to Save the Day After Grandparents’ Car Overturns While Taking Granddaughter to College

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Firefighters came to the rescue of grandparents whose car rolled over Friday, delivering a major dose of kindness to the couple and their grandchild.

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The pair were reportedly on their way to move their granddaughter into school housing at San Francisco State University when the scary accident unfolded.

Photos show their red vehicle overturned, with boxes — presumably their granddaughter’s college materials — spread around the accident site.

Despite sustaining minor injuries, the couple went to the hospital to be checked out.

But the loving grandparents expressed worries their grandchild wouldn’t get to school on time, KGO-TV reported.

And that’s when the firefighters stepped in and went above and beyond the call of duty. Officers collected the student’s belongings, loaded them into a truck, and eased the couple’s concerns.

“We told them not to worry, we would move her in,” the San Francisco Fire Department (SSFD) explained on social media.

An accompanying video shows firefighters moving the college student’s belongings and presumably helping get her situated in her housing.

The SSFD media department’s Twitter account praised the first responders’ actions, writing, “Great work by Station 19.”

Sometimes, it’s the simple acts that make all the difference. In a world filled with negative headlines and chaos, the firefighters’ kind deed certainly deserves some attention.

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