High school students are beginning to resist the LGBT propaganda being forced on them

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(LifeSiteNews) – Lakeridge High School in Oregon recently ran into an interesting problem: boys were ripping tampon dispensers off the walls of their bathrooms and dumping them in the toilet. The school has formally asked the boys to stop destroying the free menstrual products they are being provided with, and gave parents resources on “menstruation, menstrual products, sexuality, and health” in order to help them explain to their children that menstruation is normal for a “person that has a uterus.” 

Why are there tampon dispensers in the boys’ bathroom to begin with? Oregon’s 2021 “Menstrual Dignity Act” requires all public schools to provide all students regardless of “gender, age, ability [and] socioeconomic status” with menstrual products in order to promote “privacy, inclusivity, access and education.” The educational impact of putting tampon dispensers in boys’ bathrooms, of course, is to inform children that boys can have periods, which is to say that girls can be boys.

“Each time that the dispensers are taken down, the school needs to spend time and resources putting them back up in order to be compliant with [the Menstrual Dignity Act],” an email sent out by school officials stated. “We are asking our student body to be respectful of school property, and to be sensitive to all of our student’s needs.” 

The majority of young people have been swept along by the ever-expanding LGBT movement and have enthusiastically adopted the new ideology of multiplying identities. A not-insignificant minority of kids, however, are getting sick of being constantly force-fed LGBT ideology.  

Earlier this month, for example, high school students from Chêne-Bleu Secondary School in Pincourt, Quebec cheered as a teenager ripped down the “Pride” flag that had been hung in their school and threw it down, trampling it once it hit the ground. On the same day, LifeSiteNews reported, students at Phare International School put out a petition asking that all LGBT flags and posters be taken down in the school; school officials refused, but one LGBT activist have worried that there is a rise in students rejecting LGBT ideology.  

That’s not the only example of resistance to “Pride Month” in Canada: “More than 400 pupils at one of London’s largest elementary schools – about one-third of the entire headcount – stayed home Wednesday, on a day when the rainbow flag flew across the school district as the area public board saluted International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.” Much to the horror of LGBT activists, the provincial government of New Brunswick has promised to review their school LGBT policy after receiving hundreds of complaints.  

While most Canadians are either supportive of or apathetic towards many aspects of the LGBT agenda, the sheer aggressiveness of the movement’s evangelism and the near-total takeover of schools is beginning to anger many common-sense people who would otherwise have ignored the issue entirely. The same is true for kids, who have protested unisex bathrooms and other LGBT polices, torn tampon dispensers off the walls of boys’ bathrooms, and are now occasionally so fed up that they have stayed home from school during mandatory LGBT days and torn down flags. Nobody asked them if they supported an ever-growing list of ideological beliefs—the flags of these movements were hoisted at the behest of activists and in the name of youth safety.  

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