Kathie Lee Gifford Welcomes Her Second Grandson

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Actress, author and TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford shared that her daughter and son-in-law have had their first son, the second grandson for Gifford.

Gifford, 69, is “Bubbe” to her grandson Frank and newborn Finn, CBN News reports.

“What a joy to spend sweet time with baby Finn,” the proud grandma wrote. “I am the most blessed of women. It seems!”

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Gifford frequently posts about seeing her children as parents.

“It isn’t about me at all,” she told Closer Weekly. “This is a blessing from God in His way and in His timing.

“Don’t put guilt and burden on your kids. God knows they have enough of it already,” Gifford added. “Be a blessing. Laugh, giggle, and dream with them.”

Gifford’s son Cody and his wife Erika are expecting their second child this winter.

Gifford is an outspoken Christian who frequently talks about her faith. In 2022, she told CBN that her purpose is to serve God.

“I’m a woman who believes that, if I say … I believe in a God who’s all love, I can’t say I’m a follower of Jesus if I don’t try to love like Jesus loved,” Gifford told CBN’s Faith vs. Culture.

“And I fail at it, but that’s my intention every day of my life — ‘Jesus, let me see people the way you see them. Let me hear their words in the way You will but let me have compassion for them.’

“I was not put on this earth to … get Grammy nominations and win Tonys or Emmys and all of that,” Gifford said. “It’s lovely when those kinds of things happen. … That’s just that’s not why I’m on this earth.”

She continued, “I’m on this earth to share the Good News that God loves you, whoever you are.”

Gifford said she wasn’t raised Christian but watched a movie from the Billy Graham Organization, The Restless Ones, that changed her life.

“I heard literally, maybe not audibly, but very, very powerfully, I heard Jesus [in] my little heart: ‘Kathie, I love you, and if you’ll trust Me, I’ll make something beautiful out of your life,” she recalled.

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Kathie Lee Gifford Welcomes Her Second Grandson

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