5 Things EVERY Christian Forgets When They Leave Church On Sunday

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  Will Maule

Church is a glorious thing. When we come together to worship and to hear the word of God preached, we are reminded of that fundamental truth: that Christ died for us so that we might live. It is a time to learn, to give him praise and glory, and to be transformed. But too often we forget what we have heard in Church as soon as we leave. We need to live out our faith in the week! Lindsey VanSparrentak at Crosswalk highlights 5 things Christians always seem to forget once we leave our Sunday service.

1. Prayer
“So often, our prayer life ends once we walk out of the sanctuary doors. When reminded to “pray without ceasing” in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, we’re overwhelmed at the idea of spending 24 hours a day on our knees before the Lord. But prayer is just communication with God, and we can talk about anything and everything to Him.”


2. Joy
“You get to work to see a pile of project folders on your desk, each marked with “URGENT!!!!!” and 72 unread emails that somehow came in between five o’clock last night and eight o’clock this morning. Doesn’t anyone sleep around here? With the stress of work (or bills or failed relationships or illness or anything else), it’s so easy to forget that our joy comes from the Lord. Nothing can take a single bit of your joy away from you when you place it firmly in Him.”

3. Love
“How quickly do we forget that we are supposed to love the people who are hardest to love? Jesus tells us in the Sermon on the Mount, “But I say, love your enemies!” (Matthew 5:44). So even if the office intern takes the last donut and leaves the box on the counter every single Friday, we still need to show her love, and maybe get to the donuts quicker than she does next time.”

4. Peace
“The washing machine has caused a newly formed lake in your laundry room, the phone rings and it’s your son’s school letting you know he’s in detention for the third time this week, and your husband walks in early from work, only to let you know he’s been laid off.  Life can just be so hard, and the crummy part is God doesn’t promise it will be easy. In fact, the Bible frequently tells us we’re going to have struggles and hardships. But the one thing God does promise is that his peace will always be available to us.”

5. Generosity
“Your Bible study decides to break bread together on a Friday night so the 12 of you head out to a local restaurant. You take up the biggest table in the joint, order four appetizers and 12 entrees during the three hours you spend chatting over Romans 8. At the end of the night, you cash out and end up leaving a $10 tip on a $200 check. Besides just being rude, you have missed an amazing chance to exemplify God’s generosity to a hardworking waiter.”

Remember, our relationship with Jesus should not be confined to an hour on a Sunday morning. We must seek Him and delight in Him throughout the week, knowing he is ALWAYS with us. Amen?

Written by Wayne

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