My Heart Cries Out For… Prophetic Article

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My heart cries out for those who never reach their greatest potential.

My heart is saddened for those who have great potential. Yet never even see or realize all that the Lord has put within them to be and to do.

My heart mourns for all the lost time and potential never reached or even sought after. Oh, if only all could see all the potential and greatness that is within them that has been put within them by God Himself for you to become and to be.

What seems like the end is never the end. For the Lord has given to you an unlimited potential to be lived in all His fullness. And He has designed for your latter to always be greater than your former as you go from glory to glory and strength to strength in Him. Look up and Reach out my child. Look up to the one who has created you. And Reach out to all that He has put within you to become. Reach out to taste and see that the Lord is good in all of His unlimited fullness within you.

And begin to realize the greatness and unlimited potential that He has given to you to become. Look up and Reach out as you continue to walk out all of your unrealized potential in Him. For He who began a good work within you will be faithful to complete it. Amen!!

Linda Stevenson