Sadie Robertson Reveals The Ugly Truth Behind The Modeling Industry And Points To God

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Sadie Robertson never held back when talking about her faith and life. Last weekend she revealed some of the most “shocking things” she’s been told while doing photoshoots. She revealed the ugly truth behind the modeling industry and pointed to God.

“A few months ago I showed up for a photoshoot that I had thought was going to be a natural no makeup photoshoot,” she writes on Facebook. “The director of the shoot took a quick look at me and said, ‘Nope this girl does not have the face to pull off a no makeup shoot.’ So they proceeded to spend around 2 hours making it look as though I had no makeup on.”

“I have never thought of myself as a model, but getting to dip my toes a little in this industry I’ve heard shocking things, had my stomach ‘fat’ pinched to make sure I knew which part I needed to get rid of. I’ve been told if I would loose 10 pounds then I may look like an actual model … ,” she said. 

Luckily Robertson stays optimistic. Her message: don’t listen to the photographers, but listen to God! Let God define your identity.

“These things at one point in my life would have really hurt me, but now I smile because I know my identity does not lie in my looks, my pictures, people’s comments or my Instagram. My identity lies in the hands of my God who I believe created me to be fearfully and wonderfully made.”

“I believe EVERYONE has the face to pull off a ‘no makeup shoot’ because that is YOUR FACE. The makeup is the extra. It’s fun, but when it becomes your everything that’s when you begin to lose everything about what makes you… YOU.”

Bible study 
This week Sadie Robertson also announced she will lead a mid-week Bible study with fans and anyone else who needs encouragement via Facebook, each Wednesday on the Live Original page. “I will be reading Scripture for some mid-week encouragement. I hope this hits you exactly where you need it at just the right time,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Whenever you decide that you can’t limit yourself and that God can do amazing things … He’ll take you to places you never even thought you could dream,” she also said in an interview with the website Rare. “I remember praying when I was little, ‘God, just give me something, give me a platform, give me people to reach.’ I would have never thought that He’d give me this platform or this many people to reach.”

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