The Blind Movie Is a ‘Testimony to the Power of God,’ Jase Robertson Says

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The children of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson say an upcoming movie about his spiritual transformation will testify to the power of the gospel.

That film, The Blind, opens in theaters Sept. 28 and follows the love story of Phil and Kay Robertson, his battle with alcoholism, and the struggles that nearly tore the family apart. Eventually, he found Jesus.

It stars Aron Von Andrian as Phil Robertson and Amelia Eve as Kay Robertson.

Jase Robertson, his son, was about 7 when his father underwent the transformation from an angry man to a man after God’s heart. He says it was tough watching the film.

“Those were suppressed memories that I did not think I would revisit,” he told Christian Headlines. “But they did a really good job [with the film]. It felt like my childhood. It’s well-acted. They got the story right. It’s gritty. It was very emotional for me. But I’m really close to the situation.

“It was tough. It was tough times. But, look, it’s a testimony to the power of God,” he added.

Jase Robertson said his father’s Christian testimony had a dramatic impact on him.

“It’s the main reason I gave my life to Christ,” he said. “… I saw a man go from one of the worst human beings on the planet to one of the best. I wondered why. That path led me to doing the same thing.”

Al Robertson, another son, was about 10 when his son was saved. In one scene depicted in the trailer, Kay Robertson and the kids flee the house at night from an out-of-control Phil.

“I remember everything,” he told Christian Headlines. “I remember that night. … I’ve cried every time I watched the trailer.”

The film, he said, is about hope, redemption and love.

“My mom stuck with dad for 10 years when everybody, including his own family was saying, ‘Hey, you gotta leave.’ And she said, ‘No, my grandmother told me to fight for my marriage.’ And that’s really what the movie is about – fighting for something,” Al Robertson said. “And once he found that freedom that he had been looking for in Christ, it changed everything.”

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