What? Visa Offers New Dave Ramsey Credit Card With Credit Limit Of Zero

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Who are you trusting for your financial advice?

The following is satire from The Babylon Bee – so read with a smile and laugh – yet I will give you some advice below…

COOL SPRINGS, TN—Popular financial guru Dave Ramsey announced Wednesday that he has teamed up with financial services corporation Visa to offer an exciting new credit card with a credit line of up to zero dollars for everyone.

“What’s great about the official Dave Ramsey card is that it always gets declined,” Ramsey said on his radio program. “Try to buy a new fishing reel? Declined. Try to book a family vacation you can’t afford? Declined. Replace a shredded tire you failed to budget for? Yup, you guessed it—declined.”

According to Ramsey, the new card also offers rewards points, giving 0% back on all food and gas purchases and 0% back when used and declined for purchases at online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

Ramsey also noted that the new cards will be made of a special, cut-resistant plastic, in case users are overcome with a desire to shear it in half with a large pair of scissors.

Wayne’s thoughts…

Debt stinks. In almost 100% of the cases debt holds you in bondage – and should be avoided in most cases.  There are exceptions however, and this is why we must STUDY the word, and as the word instructs us, a multitude of counselors. I have studied Dave Ramsey, Robert Morris, and others, as well as getting certified in the past as a financial consultant through a Fortune 500 company.


Money matters in the world we live – and almost every single decision we make is based around finances.  Where we live and how we live is based around our financial world.  So study, and study more than one teacher’s message!  There are valid times for debt, and in business and real estate, even more debt is needed to make more money.  We will discuss this at a later date.

So, grab you Dave Ramsey credit card and enjoy!  Then, study for your real financial future…

Some great sites and teachers: 

Dave Ramsey:

Robert Morris:

Robert Kiyosaki:

O’ Yea – one more… Wayne Sutton:


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