Is Jesus About To Return? Many Think Isaiah 35:1 Prophecy Is Happening NOW

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by Will Maule

Is Jesus going to return very soon?

That is the question that many are asking. With the political world in chaos, wars breaking out all over the planet, and significant happenings in Israel, many are concluding that specific Biblical prophecy is coming to pass. Kelly McDonald Jr. at Charisma highlights the Isaiah 31:5 prophecy as a particularly interesting one to study at this time.

It reads: “The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad, and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose” (Is. 35:1). “Isaiah 35 is a chapter that describes the public return of Jesus. When He returns in glory, the deserts will begin to bloom. Interestingly enough, this prophecy is beginning to happen in our time,” writes McDonald.


See, the Hebrew translation for desert is arabah or aravahin. Not only does this have a metaphorical meaning, it also describes a specific place; the desert valley in Israel, Arava. Here, something extraordinary is happening.

“When Israel first gained independence in 1948, the Arava was a barren place. Very few people wanted to live there. As of 2017, 14,000 people live in this area, which is approximately 108 miles long.” She continues “Over the years, Israel has developed remarkable irrigation techniques. These practices have turned the former desert valley into a prosperous source of agricultural production. A recent report stated that the Arava produces over one-half of Israel’s agricultural exports, which includes crops such as squash, dates and strawberries. They are also growing flowers!”

So, is this a fulfillment of God’s word?


“As we look at the amazing progress of God’s people in the desert, we are reminded of God’s promise in Isaiah 35. It is a promise that will be brought to fulfillment at the return of Jesus to rule and reign.”

“This is a tremendous sign of the end.”