Paula White Says She Regrets Declaring God ‘Raised Up’ President Trump

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Pastor Paula White

One of President Trump’s closest spiritual advisors, pastor Paula White, has said she regrets declaring that God had ‘raised up’ Donald Trump. White insisted that she made the comments because she was “fired up,” and that she wishes she was more careful with her statements.

“Thanks for bringing up the elephant” in the room, White told the Religion News Conference in Nashville on Saturday, according to The Washington Post. “I’m a preacher, and I got a little fired up,” she said. “And I said some things invariably I wish I would not have said. Some things that could most definitely and have been taken out of context.”


“Do I believe that God raises up authority, do I believe that he sets one up and pulls one down? When I read from Genesis to Revelation, I do believe that,” she said. “So I don’t believe that just for President Trump, I believe that for President Obama. I believe that, had Hillary been in [the White House] — yes, I believe that authority is raised up by God.”

And what about when she said that those against Trump were fighting “against the hand of God?”

“I was talking about the different kinds of prayer,” she explained. “In life, even in our own personal life, we find our self at times fighting against the hand of God. And I believe that. In other words, we can be a rebellious and stubborn people, individually, nationally or corporately. So in context, the headlines were quite different than what was really being said.”

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  1. Thanks Pastor Paula for publicly recanting. We all get emotional and caught up when preaching, teaching and ministering under the anointing. It takes true humility to revisit those times and correct unintentional errors

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